Maria Preißinger, M.A.

Research Assistant and Lecturer




   Seminar Building A5, 6
   Room A 328
   68131 Mannheim

   Tel: 0621 181-2090



   Office hours:
   Wednesday: 10.00 - 12.00

Academic Career



Master of Political Science, Otto-Friedrich-University, Bamberg


Bachelor of Political Science, University of Mannheim


Student Research Assistant at the Mannheim Centre for Empirical Social Research, MZES


Student Research Assistant at the Chair of Political Sociology, Otto-Friedrich-University, Bamberg

since 2014:

Research Assistant at the Chair of Political Science, Political Psychology at the University of Mannheim



Preißinger, Maria (2017). "Always late? Stability and Change in Individuals' Time of Vote Decisions", in: Harald Schoen, Sigrid Roßteutscher, Rüdiger Schmitt-Beck, Bernhard Weßels, and Christof Wolf (ed.). Voters & Voting in Context. Multiple Contexts & the Heterogeneous German Electorate. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 230-248. Manuscript/ Reproduction.

Schoen, Harald, Hans Rattinger, Maria Preißinger, Konstantin Gavras, Markus  Steinbrecher (assisted by Elena Werner). (2017) "Election Campaigns and Voter Decision-Marking in a Multi-Party System: The 2009 and 2013 German Federal Elections". Baden-Baden: Nomos. NomosLink. Reproduction.

Preißinger, Maria und Harald Schoen (2016). It's not always the campaign - Explaining inter-election switching in Germany, 2009-2013. Electoral Studies 44: 109-119. sciencedirect / Manuscript/  Reproduction.

Preißinger, Maria and Marco Meyer. (2015). Einstellungszugänglichkeit im Laufe von Wahlkämpfen: Aktivierungseffekte im Kontext der Bundestagswahlen 2005, 2009 und 2013, in: Politische Vierteljahresschrift. Sonderheft "Politische Psychologie". Manuscript/ AppendixReproduction.



Preißinger, Maria, Agatha Kratz, Harald Schoen, Alexander Wuttke (2017): Voter decision-making from election to election: An analysis of voter trajectories in Germany during the 2013-2017 period. CSES-Conference "Elections, Parties, and Public Opinion in a Volatile World: A Comparative Perspective" in Mannheim, November 2017.

Preißinger, Maria (2016): Good Panelists and Bad Panelists? Ein Vergleich von Panels aus einer allgemeinen Bevölkerungsstichprobe und einem Online-Access-Panel. GLES Young Researchers' Network Meeting at Landau, June 2016.

Preißinger, Maria, Agatha Rudnik, Harald Schoen (2015). Turning Offliners into Onliners: Mode-Wechsel in den Zwischenerhebungen des GLES Langfristpanels 2014 & 2015. Wahlstudientreffen AUTNES - GLES - SELECTS in Vienna, November 2015

Preißinger, Maria, Harald Schoen und Elena Wiegand (2015): Vote switching in two consecutive national election campaigns: Evidence from the 2009-to-2013 GLES campaign panel survey. Paper presented at the 9th ECPR General Conference in Montréal, August 2015.

Preißinger, Maria (2015): Rezeption politischer Kommunikation in den Bundestagswahlkämpfen 2009 und 2013. Wahlstudientreffen AUTNES - GLES - SELECTS in Mannheim, März 2015.